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Blogger Wanna-Be

I am a Millenial Nanay who dreams of having a blog, one day. I have this love for writing and I do not know if I can fit for writing a story or just a blog about life and the experiences.

When I resigned from work to comply with Motherhood duties and responsibilities, I was opened to writing on those times that I am done with the “Nanay chores” and my baby’s just breastfeeding on me. I used to practice my english writing a lot whenever I post something on my facebook account. For me, it is a big help so that I won’t get “purol” even when I am at home. 😊

I just write down what I’d like to, specially about my daily life as a wife and a mother of two beautiful lovely baby girls. I am finding the courage of having a blog. I am inspired by the beautiful mommy groups I belonged to.

Hmmmm, I am excited and a bit nervous right now 😁😊 I wanted to inspire other millenial moms, inays or momshies. Now that I have 2 little ones, I think I have more to share with you. ♥️